the eight hidden dimensions of sound

( evolution one )





the absent orchestra

in other words:

solo project


The solo project TEHDOS dwells in a metaphysical land unbound by the laws of our material world.

‘Music’ is not an appropriate term to describe what this project intend to achive, as the concepts of Sound and Tone have been remodelled to represent a different kind of Art.


TEHDOS is intended as a ritual, and experimenting with it in order to reach a new place, a new somewhere – not necessarily physical in its nature.

not necessarily dimensional.


After experiencing this new conception of Sound, music and language have stopped sharing a connection; instead, a connection was born between the production of sound, the manifestation of the medium (1) that contains the sound itself and the journey.


Notably, it’s the Tone (2) that which outlines the path, sound after sound. Nothing is predetermined when improvising or composing, nor when presented in free form or in conventional structures; these are just arbitrary frameworks whose purpose is to function as a map – a new idea defined as trans-stylism (3).




1) according to this idea born from first-hand experience, sound is the tangible element of a medium of which the component parts permeate planes beyond our senses.


Perceiving sound in such a way reshapes our mission in the Art of Music.




2) Tone is like the bit of a key; as such, each tone opens a different door. Thus, being exposed to one or more tones opens one or more paths.




3) Trans-stylism is a neologism conceived to express the idea that music genres and styles are reduced to mere facilitators of the medium.